Making Jesus Known since 1931

Club Mission


Club Mission exists to allow clubbers to encounter Jesus. We instigate conversations about Jesus, and provide practical acts of love to Durham students, by handing out water and biscuits, and ensuring that people get home safely. We pray that Durham students might know Jesus’ love for them through these acts, and gentle, challenging and thoughtful conversations.

Teams head out into town every other Wednesday and Friday between 11:00pm-2:30am. We work alongside, and witness to, the police, security, door staff, and SCA. Whilst often performing similar duties, we remain distinct from these other groups through our gospel-centred vision. If you are interested in getting involved then please do get in touch via email or Facebook – if not joining the team practically we would love to partner with you in prayer.

Club mission is run by Sophie Wilkinson and Josh Rickard. If you’re interested in helping, join the Facebook group.