Making Jesus Known since 1931


As a Christian Union, we long to give every student the chance to explore the claims of Christianity, and so we put on a variety of events where this is made possible.


Some of these are one off events, and range from the Carol Service, to Banquets, to Volleyball Tournaments. These cater for all different tastes, and are aimed to be fun and creative to give people a good time whilst considering some of the most important news ever.

Colleges also put on events, run by College Christian Unions. Again these cover all sorts of events, and you should hear about them just by being part of a college.

1525498_839777479385285_1148899793621896329_n-2However, our most regular event that happens is called The Big Question. This is a short lunchtime event where a hot topic is addressed from a Christian perspective, alongside a free lunch. Topics range from the issue of suffering, to bible reliability, to looking at whether science is compatible with religion.


Once a year we put on a week of events, and pour in lots of resources so that every student can consider the claims of Christianity that week. We get in special guests from all over the country, publicise it like mad, and have a theme for the week. To understand it fully, click on the Events Week page and see what we’ve done in the past.

To see what’s coming up next, keep an eye out on our Facebook Page or get in touch with us! Or, to hear some of the things discussed at previous events, why not head over to our Resources and Media section.