7th-14th February

What's On

We record all the talks and Q&A sessions and make them available here soon afterwards. If you've missed one, you'll find a link to it here.

Lunchtime "Big Questions"

1:10-1:50 PM Fonteyn Ballroom (Downstairs in the DSU)

Come along to hear answers to some of the big questions in life, plus chance to ask questions of the speaker afterwards. Free lunch every day!

Pointless and Unnecessary: Why do we need God now that we have science?
Ancient and Unreliable: Isn't the Bible just a book of myths?
Impossible and Unproven: How can you prove Jesus rose from the dead?
Wednesday ( St Oswald's Church, Church Street )
Powerless and Uncaring: How can a loving God allow so much suffering?
Good for you but not for me: Wasn't Jesus just a moral teacher?
Cruel and Vindictive: How can a loving God send good people to hell?

Evening Talks

7:30-9:00 PM Elvet Methodist

An opportunity to find out more about the claims of Jesus

Monday (Acoustic Night)
Examine Jesus: what if God's not a guessing game?
Examine your chances: what if heaven were for free?
Examine your heroes: what if all but Jesus will fail you?
Examine the cross: what if Jesus' death was planned?
Friday (Ice Cream Factory)
Examine the resurrection: what if life after death was certain?

Note: The titles for the evening events have changed due a last minute change of speaker, so the titles differ from those shown on fliers & sweatshirts.


Adrian Holloway

Formerly a BBC radio and TV presenter, Adrian started working life as a football reporter on The Times newspaper.

He moved to London in 2004 to help start ChristChurch London, where he now works.

Dr Andrew Sach

Andrew Sach is a minister at St Helens Bishopsgate, London and coauthor of the books 'Digging Deeper' and 'Pierced for Our Transgressions'. He also has a doctorate in auditory neuroscience from the University of York.

Dick and Rose Dowsett

Dick and Rose began their ministry as UCCF staff workers, moving on to membership of OMF International for student work in Asia. Dick has explained the Bible to students around the world, especially in East Asia, including frequent visits to China, as well as in Eastern and Western Europe. Rose has shared this involvement, but her own ministry has developed more in areas of international mission thinking and in training people to share the gospel effectively across cultures.

What's the Verdict?

Do you still have questions about Christianity afer Cross Examined? Not sure what to make of what was said during the week? or even missed all the events altogether?

Come to "What's the Verdict?" in Treats coffee shop (on Silver Street) at 7pm on Monday nights from the 17th February until 10th March for food, acoustic music, and a short explaination of something of what Christians believe with a lot of chances for questions and discussion.

Fill in the contact form for more information.