Making Jesus Known since 1931

The Exec

The job of the Executive Committee is to facilitate what we do as a Christian Union – they help to co-ordinate events, from prayer meetings to the yearly events week. Of course, DICCU is much more than the exec, but we couldn’t do it without these guys! This year’s exec is:

President: Tom Anderson

College: Hatfield// Course: Engineering

Vice President: Lucy Davenport

College: St John’s // Course: English Literature

Secretary: Rebecca Herath

College: Collingwood // Course: Music

Prayer Secretary: Ben Stephenson

College: Hatfield // Course: Geography

College Coordinator: Eleanor Barker

College: St Cuthbert’s // Course: Classics

Treasurer: Mark Boyd

College: St John’s // Course: Natural Sciences

International Secretary: Hugh Cornes

College: St Cuthbert’s // Course: History

Outreach Coordinator: Anna Grealis

College: St John’s // Course: Theology, Ministry, and Mission

Events Week Chair: Joe Crossley

College: St Aidan’s // Course: Physics